Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 10 Most Spectacular Concept Bikes

Here is a list of 10 most spectacular concept bike ever made. These bikes are created with the singular intention of capturing the imagination of motorbike lovers. Most of these bikes looks best in the hands of an alien in a sci-fi movie. They are designed from scratch to inspire awe, keeping production feasibility in the back burner. Just read and enjoy these wicked creations.
10) Chrysler Tomahawk —
 The Tomahawk is a production ready concept bike that was showcased by the car manufacturer Daimler Chrysler. The bike looks more like a sculpture made of chrome and brushed aluminum on wheels than anything else. But mind you, with a massive 8.3 liter V10 engine to move it around, this should comfortably be the fastest bike with an Internal Combustion Engine. The bike produces in excess of 500 horsepower, enough to take-off to 400 miles per hour. However, the mechanical components and tires will certainly limit the bikes capabilities. Although it is a motorbike, technically speaking, its got four wheels and a big bore V10, classic ingredients of a sports car.

9) The Embrio
In the recent months, we have been hearing a lot of news about green vehicles. Most of the talks were concentrated to hybrid and electricity powered car. A Canadian company called Bombardier has designed a bike called the Embrio. The bike has just a single wheel to support itself. It uses a gyroscope which senses the direction in which the rider leans and moves accordingly. The bike is powered by an electric motor that gets energy from a fuel cell. Inside a Fuel cell, Hydrogen and oxygen chemically react to produce electricity. The only emission from this vehicle is pure water.

8] Detonator V4 6.0
The Detonator V4 6.0 is a creation of a bike designer named Daniel Simon. The engine that powers the Detonator lives up to the name of the bike. The engine has four cylinders displacing a total of 6.0 liters, similar to the size of the engines found is certain Supercars and Hypercars. The bike looks like it comes from the pages of a science fiction comic plotted around the year 2050. It can be at best described as a sculpture, or a machine. It breaks every known, conventional belief on how a motor cycle should look like.

7) The Hyanide
Although this concept bike looks like a pile of shiny metal, its beauty is undeniable. The Hyanide strides forward using a flexible rubber belts, with threads in it, like a military tank or a snow mobile. Powering the concept is a 500cc engine derived from a snow mobile. This single cylinder, oil cooled engine is capable of producing 60 horsepower. The bike has the ability to move over just about any terrain. It is the creation of two German designers Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz.

6) The V-Rex
The V-Rex is a gigantic concept bike that started its life as a computer derived simulation, and then into a real prototype. This bike uses the V-Twin engine from the Harley Davidson V-Rod. This bike is the dream child of an Australian designer Tim Cameron. His dreams got wings when ‘200mph, jet engine powered Y2F’ fame Christian Travert helped him produce this bike for real. Currently, the bike is ready for mass production and rated by experts as one of the most stunning motorcycle designs ever.
5) Batpod
The Batpod made its appearance for the first time in the last Batman movie, The Dark Knights. It is without a shade of doubt, the most popular concept bike in this list. The bike was created especially for the movie by motorbike designer Nathan Crowley. The bike is ejected from the Batmobile, and features enough power and ammunition to make sure the super hero escapes the bad guys. The bike is powered by a liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine. The reason for the phenomenal acceleration is the low gearing. The other noticeable features about this bike are the fat wheels and the lack of an exhaust pipe.

4) Peraves Monotracer
The Monotracer is a concept created by Peraves, a Swiss motorcycle manufacturer. It combines sports bike and a car. The controls for this bike are similar to a car, with pedal operated accelerator and a steering wheel. It even has two doors and two seats. The highlight of the concept is the way it goes around corners. It uses retractable wheels to lean up to 52 degrees while cornering to give a driving experience like never before. It is powered by a 1200cc BMW engine generating 130 horsepower.

3) Yamaha Tesseract
Yamaha went one step further on the MP3 concept shown by Piaggio by making the Tesseract. The Tesseract is a four-wheeled motorbike that can lean hard while going around bends, without any fear of loosing control. The bike is powered by a hybrid V-twin engine to keep the emissions clean. The bike is expected to be on mass production soon.
2) Indian Speed Racer
The Indian Speed racer concept is all about outlandish styling. It was designed for Indian Motorcycle Company by Dan Bailey. There is a number of stunning design cue in the bike, including the spoke-less wheels that seem to be floating. It is intriguing to note the lack of foot pegs, suggesting that the rider is not going to be in an upright-riding position.

1) Victory Vision 800
The Vision 800 is a concept bike made by Victory Motorcycles and showcases just how radically they can think. It uses a 800cc, parallel-twin engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission. With the absence of clutch and gear, all the foot controls are shifted to the handle bars. The bulky front end enhances the design by contrasting to the slim tail. It also provides for a large storage bay.

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  1. Your information on the Bat-pod is VERY inaccurate.
    The vehicle has no "liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine" !
    google it! or even watch the youtube production vids!



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