Friday, January 1, 2010

World's Smallest Ferrari Key & Car (26 pics)

World's Smallest Ferrari Key Fits Tiny Hand-Built Ferrari
We've just found the world's smallest Ferrari key. What's it ignite? How about one of the world's most excruciatingly detailed 1/8-scale miniature hand-built Ferrari F40s? Check out the mega-gallery of master craftsmanship after the jump.

A highly trained model enthusiast member of the Model forum has managed to make us feel like smaller, weaker men than we actually are by carefully assembling this 515 piece Pocher 1/8 scale miniature Ferrari F40. Not content with realism that the Pocher kit provides, he cranked the dial to eleven by including a 1500 piece photo-etched Autograph transkit into the mix.

For a nice cross reference to an actual, full-scale Ferrari F40 build, check out our Supercar Teardown where we get a sneak peek at the rebuild of a Ferrari F40 LM racer

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