Saturday, April 3, 2010

10 Most Beautiful Plus Size Models

The Most Beautiful Plus Size Models
The modeling industry may not be particularly kind to women of average size, but that hasn't stopped these beautiful women.
Chloe Marshall — Surrey, England's Chloe Marshall was the first plus size young woman to compete in the finals of the Miss England competition. Marshall, a UK size 16, finished second, and was subsequently signed to the Models Plus agency. She's even posed for fellow model Velvet D'Amour.

Kate Dillon — Once a severely underweight model, Kate Dillon had trouble finding work in the mid-90s after she achieved a healthy weight. It wasn't until she began working as a plus size model, however, that Dillon's star began to rise. In 2000, she was named one of People's Most Beautiful People. Check out more beautiful Kate Dillon pictures at Judgment of Paris.

Christina Mendez — New York's Christina Mendez is not just a beautiful woman - she's also a spokesmodel. The mother of a child with autism, Mendez devotes much of the time she's not on the runway or posing for the likes of Glamour and Latina to working with Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization.

Crystal Renn — Gorgeous Crystal Renn may soon replace Emme as the highest-paid plus size model of all time - although she'd like to dispose of the designation "plus size." Renn, who consistently lands both high fashion and commercial gigs, once suffered from anorexia. Since her recovery, however, her career has skyrocketed, and she's published a book about her experiences in the modeling industry called Hungry.

Emme Aronson — Emme Aronson is perhaps the only plus size model to attain supermodel status - for now. The 5'11" stunner, who has twice been named one of People's Most Beautiful People, has parlayed her posing career into advocacy, authoring, and a hosting gig on the dating show More to Love.

Justine Legault The exceptionally beautiful Justine Legault works primarily in Canada, where she's represented by Ford Toronto and Scoop Models in Montreal. Legault has made quite a few appearances in French-language magazines in the past several years. This shot is by fashion photographer Yanick Déry.

Mia Tyler Model Mia Tyler, the half-sister of actress Liv Tyler, is one of the most popular plus size models of our time. Tyler has appeared on several reality shows, launched her own clothing line, published an autobiography, and is working on a pilot for a new show.

Toccara Jones The sensational Ms. Toccara Jones may not have reached the final three on her cycle of America's Next Top Model, but she has been one of the most successful former contestants post-show, even posing for Steven Meisel for a Vogue Italia spread in 2009. The Ohio native even stars in her own workout video,Toccara's Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women.

Velvet D'Amour In 2006, Velvet D'Amour made headlines when she appeared in the Spring/Summer 2007 show for Jean Paul Gaultier's ready to wear collection. After an appearance in French Vogue, D'Amour began focusing more on her own photography. Visit Velvet's MySpace for pictures of her Gaultier moment - and for Velvet's own work.

Whitney Thompson In 2008, Florida native Whitney Thompson thrilled audiences everywhere when she took home the winning title on the 10th cycle of America's Next Top Model. Since her win, she's worked for Forever 21, JCPenney, and Saks Fifth Avenue. 


  1. skr, you really are a twit. These models aren't even 'plus-sized' - they may take a larger size in dresses but like most models they are tall, meaning that they are in proportion. In fact it's a sad comment on what fashion has done to body image that these healthy normal-looking women are seen as 'too heavy' for 'regular' modelling.

  2. much sexy! ....i lovin it!

  3. They look perfect : )

  4. HEALTH is the issue

    if a person is not vain, and can ignore cultural profiling, and maintain a healthy life .. then no matter the size or form, its a WIN situation and a "beautiful" thing

  5. who the heck said they are "plus-size". They have fantastic bodies, unlike those skinny bitches on covers of magazines! Most are simply adorable! Though there are 2 pics of overweight ladies here, but most are just in perfect shape.

    Love it when there's something to grab for without getting cut by bones. Curvy is beautiful.

    Sad to see how fashion distorts the beauty perception these days, the kids simply adore bony models just because they see them on tv screens and magz, not because they actually like it

  6. With the exception of Velvet, and to an extent Chloe (who both could stand to lose weight), all of these girls are just superb - curvy and natural - just how ALL models should be!

    Something a lot of people seem to frequently confuse is the difference between 'curvy' and 'obese'. Whilst being curvy is natural and healthy for your body shape, being overweight (obese-ly so) is most definitely not.

    I guess some people may find obese people attractive (each to his own), but they'd be fooling themselves if they believe it's healthy and natural. It puts so much strain on your organs that it will drastically effect both the quality and duration of the life you lead.

  7. yes i agree that chloe and Velvet D'Amour, could loose weight as neither are curvey they are just overweight, but there faces are both very beautiful, and i think its a bit mean for people being disrespectful towards them. after all chloe did win a beauty padgent and Velvet D'Amour did make a advertisment appearence in vogue.. so obviously alot of people liked there figures and there coragous confidence to show it off. but all in all, i do think that models should be curvey, because sadly people still today think that being skin and bones is beautiful when it simply isnt! skin and bones is no longer a fashion item ladies! CURVES ARE THE WAY FORWARD, AND WILL PROBABLY STAY THAT WAY FOR A VERY, VERY LONG TIME!

  8. I love all these models for sending out a positive body image to girls. I especially admire Crystal Renn! I read her book and it really motivated me to recover from my eating disorder and want to become a plus model myself hehe.

  9. I disagree with your comments on Velvet and Chloe. They are supposed to be PLUS SIZED. Average size woman is a size 14... Plus size models start at a size 6. It's a joke. PLUS-SIZE models should look like Chloe and Velvet. The others are average-sized women who shouldn't be considered plus-size in the first place. Regardless, they are ALL stunning and courageous women.


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