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For Men - How to Get Healthy Glowing Skin

For Men - How to Get Healthy, Glowing Skin


 1 — Use Sun Protection. You've probably heard it plenty of times before, but prevention is easier than the cure. Wear sunscreen, a hat, sensible clothes now, to avoid poor skin when you're older.

 2 — Wash your Face and Body every day. Wash your face once when you wake up and once at night before you go to bed. Use a gentle soap that's different from the bar soap you use in the shower (they're too harsh for your face). Wash your body at least once a day.

 3.— Use Acne Medication. This applies for any guy who gets blemishes, severe or no, who wants them gone. A lot of people have found success in products that have salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide. A good routine is using a good soap that has at least two percent salicylic acid and then a topical lotion like Oxy 10 that has five to ten percent benzoyl peroxide. Start by using it just in the morning and work up to twice a day on your face, shoulders, back, and wherever else you tend to break out.

4 — Moisturize. When looking for a face moisturizer, make sure it says noncomedogenic somewhere on the package or bottle. This means it will not block your pores and cause break outs. For skin you are not worried about getting blemishes on, regular lotion is fine. For knees and elbows, body butter is preferred.

5 — Exfoliate. At least once a week, lather up a loofah or scrub and slough off the dead skin cells to reveal smoother, softer skin. For your body, every other day exfoliation is doable. For your face, try to keep exfoliation to two times at the most. Make sure you moisturize after you exfoliate.

6 — Eat well. Fruits, veggies, you know the drill. Meat is very important, you can still have your steak, but don't go overboard. Try to follow the food pyramid. Also, a multi vitamin at the end of the day is a great idea.

7 — Exercise. Play footy, cricket, netball, whatever! Go for a walk or a bike ride. Do it for 30 min a day.

8 — Drink water. at least 8 glasses a day of water. You need to keep your body hydrated.


  • — Avoid make-up, unless you are in a boy/punk band.
  • — Wear a lip balm, no, it's not gloss or lipstick. Blistex or Chapstick are good brands, try and get one with an SPF of at least 10. It keeps them from chapping.
  • — Keep your hair clean, grease or dandruff isn't attractive. Head & Shoulders works well and is pretty cheap.
  • — Biore, Clean & Clear, Oxy 10, and Clearasil are all great brands for face soap, body wash, and topical treatment.
  • — Make sure you are drying your skin and face with a towel that is washed at least once a week.
  • — Try to use a deodorant with a subtle smell, people don't want to be knocked out when you walk up to them.
  • —  If you shave, do it carefully. Take your time.
  • —  Don't smoke, and avoid excessive amounts of alcohol.
  • —  There are basically four skin types (for your face) - normal, dry, oily and combination. Normal skin is neither dry or oily, and you shouldn't have much acne, if any. Dry skin is usually flaky and feels rough or dehydrated. Oily skin is prone to acne and your face will look shiny. With combination skin, your cheeks are dry, and your chin, forehead and nose (or your 't-zone' - in the shape of a T) are oily. You might be prone to acne. So, sort out your skin type, and then buy a cleanser and moisturiser suited to your skin, these can be bought from the chemist, Priceline etc. Ask an assistant for help. You can buy facial moisturisers with sunscreen in them, this is recommended, anything with an SPF (sun protection factor) of between 15 and 30. Anything above 30 can make your skin more oily.


  • — This skin regime will not work for every guy. Some people need stronger medication for acne, more moisturizer, etc. Give this plan at least two to three weeks.
  • — This how-to may be a bit extreme for some, I can understand if you don't want to exfoliate, just run around.
  • — Girls don't usually like men who spend more time getting ready than they do, make sure you look good, but don't go over the top. (Text: wikihow)

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