Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creative Painted Dogs (15 pics)

Dogs Painted to Create Panda Dogs and Dog Tigers
The mysterious human desire to paint its pet dogs so that they look like other animals which are not dogs has reared its head once more, with a selection of painted dogs being displayed in China.

The painted dogs in question were on display in Zhengzhou, in eastern China's Henan Province, at what appears to have been a veritable festival of dog painting.

As well as the tiger-dog, there were a number of rather adorable fluffy panda-dogs being shown to the crowd.

Painted panda-dogs: they don't look entirely chuffed with the situation Painted panda-dogs: they don't look entirely chuffed with the situation.

Panda-dogs will be familiar to the long-term readers of this site, as one of their kind has featured before. We've also covered the extreme transformations that take place in America, in which dogs are not merely transformed into turtles, but into mutant ninja turtles.

Exactly why people are so keen on the trans-species decoration of their dogs is not especially clear, but the effort is appreciated. Except, perhaps, by the dogs.

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