Saturday, August 14, 2010

PiCycle Electric Hybrid Bike (10 pics)

PiCycle Electric Hybrid Bike Charges Built-in Battery Using Human Power
Coming from the house of PiMobility, the “PiCycle” is an eco-bike with a hybrid propulsion system that when required becomes a moped/scooter, thanks to the built-in electric motor. Featuring a human electric hybrid plug-in operating system, the PiCycle harnesses the human power, used to pedal or run the bike, to charge the on-board lithium-ion battery in a sustainable manner. The bike also integrates a Shimano semi-automatic 8-speed transmission to ride up hills with ease and reach the top speed of 20 mph, with a range of 20 miles, on flat tracks. The patented monocoque arch frame of the PiCycle not just allows a trendy design but provides a stable and cool environment for the battery pack as well.

Presenting trailing-link suspension fork with elastomeric compression, the hybrid bike makes use of hydraulic disc brakes (front 8-inch and rear 6-inch), while the rider can adjust the height of the seat between 5?4? and 6?2? according to his or her height or comfort. (source:)

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