Monday, December 20, 2010

Paris Hilton with Many of her Pets (16 pics)

Paris Hilton with Many of her Pets -
When we think of the term "pet hoarder" we think of people who are slightly "off" emotionally. So much so that they collect many more pets than they can reasonably care for. We usually find out about them as we see them on the evening news with many pets being removed from a house filled with filth and the hoarder being dragged off to court. It's usually a very sad situation for everyone, especially the animals.

Now some people are starting to question Paris Hilton's need to collect so many pets. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is upset with her for adopting her most recent pet...a pot-belly pig. The organization says that she will discard the animal as soon as she tires of it and that she jus wants it as a fashion accessory.

There's evidence for both sides of this issue. She's well known for her multi-story designer dog house that's more extravagant than most people's houses. It even has a chandelier! But does that mean that she really cares about the 17 miniature dogs she owns? Or does she just collect them like most people collect stamps or figurines?

She's constantly jetting off somewhere for an event or appearance, so she has little time to be with them. How sad that their owner is not in their lives much unless they are the pet-ornament-of-the-day as she carries them around on her errands.

On the other hand, she probably pays someone to actually take care of them by feeding, grooming and exercising them. So they aren't really neglected, they just have a different person for their companion. Here are some photos of Paris with many of her pets: She loves animals and enjoys having them in her home. But to me, at least, she isn't one of those pet hoarders we hear about. What do you think of this?

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