Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty Pinup Posters (34 pics)

Originated a new trend of contemporary visual and photographic art under the name 'PIN UP'. Literally, with the English language is translated as "pin", but actually what they called placards and posters that are pinned on the wall. The main highlight of this picture - it's a luxury, often half-nacked girl with just a divine smile. Many believe that an ordinary painte d aerotic. However, PIN UP - it's much more than just aerotic figures. First of all, it is the image of the ideal woman, the dream of men. But, basically - this image of sx symbol, a woman who is able to charm even his reflection on the paper. This is not a classic painted aerotic or banal aerotic drawings, it's just kind of a hint of sensuality, a hint that the woman - not so much a beautiful body, how much tenderness and mystery.

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