Thursday, July 7, 2011

Covini - The First Six Wheeled Supercar (13 pics)

Covini - The First Six Wheeled Supercar -
Covini is having more of something a good thing? apparently, an Italian engineering company, Covini Engineering, thinks so by making a six wheeled supercar. Covini believes the C6W extra axle upfront and a pair of wheels will provide more grip, brakes better, have better resistance to aquaplaning and also improved crash protection.

Powering the rear wheel drive Covini C6W is the naturally aspirated 4200cc V-8 power plant, capable of 325 kW and a maximum torque of 470 Nm (@ 2700 rpm). power is transmitted to its rear wheel via a mechanical six-speed gear box and comfort department is handled by independent front and rear wishbones. the C6W first appeared six years ago and is finally going into production.

The car is powered by an Audi V8 engine, has a carbon fiber body, scissor doors and a fully customizable interior. No word on the price but it’s not on the market yet, and it probably isn’t going to be cheap either, but if Covini proves that six-wheeled cars are the way of the future, maybe we can expect similar cars from other manufacturers.

The advantages of having four wheels at the front are manifold. More wheels means more traction to go around corners faster and to brake deeper without the fear of the front end washing out. Also, the passive safety afforded by two front wheels at each corner means a front tyre puncture will not cause the vehicle to lose control, thanks to the other wheel next to it. Then there's the additional stopping power afforded by four front discs and four tyre footprints to transmit the braking force to the road.

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