Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Yacht - Luxurious Tropical Island Paradise (8 pics)

Super Yacht - Luxurious Tropical Island Paradise -
Having a yacht is no big deal today. What matters is the class of yacht you own. Even a super luxury yacht is not a novelty any more. You have to own something bigger and better to be noticed and appreciated as being better than the rest. Owning one’s own yacht is worth its while only if you have the ability to take your own tailored environment anywhere you want. It is rather ambitious to do it on a yacht but it is possible and has been done. Yacht Island Design have become the masters in the field.

Streets of Monaco was their first project that sought to create a comprehensive environment on a mega yacht. They have followed it up with the “Tropical Island Paradise”. This is another ambitious design that seeks to create an island on a 90 meter yacht that sails at a top speed of 15 knots. In any case, racing is not your priority when you are sailing an entire island. A complete tropical island with all the luxuries in the world has been created on a large yacht platform.

On the main deck a beach cove of cabanas has been created around a large swimming pool. And since it is high up on the yacht it offers Ocean views wherever it goes. You have a replica of a volcano nearby but instead of lava water gushes out of it creating a waterfall. There is a private spa and four VIP suites with private balcony along with a bar area and outdoor dining area. There’s also a helicopter landing pad and there is the recreational area that includes jet skis, kayaks and a RIB.

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