Monday, December 26, 2011

Incredible Book Carving Art by Guy Laramee (16 pics)

Incredible Book Carving Art by Guy Laramee -
Guy Laramee of Canada creates incredible sculptures out of books. Often set spine to spine, Laramee has carved mountainous glacial landscapes, stepped plateaus, and deep valleys rife with greenery. His work does not only encompass topography, but ancient architecture as well. A Buddhist temple appears to be carved into a cliff side in his piece “Longmen.” A stack of volumes reveals a cave dwelling that is carved into from the book corners. Laramee even carved a detailed rendering of the Temple at Petra from yellowed pages, which looks like the real thing when photographed.

In addition, the author deals with many other creative ways. Scripting and music directing in the theater, the design of musical instruments, singing, video, painting. For 30 year career he has received more than 30 major awards at various festivals.

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