Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern & Creative Cutlery Designs (11 pics)

Modern cutlery and creative silverware designs that will spice up your dinner table and impress your guests.
Fish Cutlery -
Each piece in this stainless steel cutlery set is whimsically fish-shaped, right down to tail, fins, mouth, and eyes.

Natural Cutlery
Beautiful cutlery set merges traditional silver cutlery with the elegance of wood.

Bite Silverware -
Mark Reigelman has designed a set of “bitten” silverware to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity.

Wrenchware -
Wrench-handled knife, crescent-wrench spoon and ratchet fork.

Shape/Form Cutlery
Beautiful cutlery set designer by Lukas Peet from Canada.

Ribbon Cutlery -
Creative stainless steel cutlery designed by Makoto Yamaguchi.

Dexter Cutlery -
Each piece of cutlery is hand crafted and has it’s own character.

Appetize Cutlery -
Belgian designer Nedda El-Asmar has came up with this beautiful cutlery set, inspired by the oval shape of Japanese tea plant leaf.

Flat Cutlery -
Five pieces from the Flat Model flatware series by Josef Hoffman.

Origin Cutlery -
Unusual cutlery inspired by the very first human feeding means: teeth, nails, and hand palms.

Exhausted Cutlery -
Cool cutlery follows the shape of objects it appears to collapse onto.

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