Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cool Creative Candle Designs (24 pics)

Cool Creative Candle Designs
Before the advent of electricity, candles were used for illumination and it date backs around the first century in Rome where candles were made and used. Though in present times it lost most of the importance attached to it; but there are few occasions and events that aren't complete without candles. Whether its birthday parties, candle light dinners or for creating a cool ambiance or its use in aromatherapy, we still need them. Here are some cool candle designs for you to choose from. 

Swiss Cheese Candle: Looks delicious in shape of the cheese.

Cactus Candles: These look incredibly lifelike and comes in boxes of 4 Cacti.

80 Hour Beeswax Coil Candle: It allows you to set the amount of time before it automatically extinguishes itself.

5 Minute Candles: Apt for spontaneous celebrations. "Designed to look like an ordinary book of matches but inside are 10 small candles."

Bottle Candle: Best suited for parties and celebrations.

Building Brick Candles: These eight-wick soy-blend, non-scented candles are sure to bring back the memories of childhood.

Candlestrip: These candles appear to get the energy from the base that they plug into.

Cappuccino Coffee Candle: This scented candle fills your room with the delightful fragrance of cappuccino

Castle Candles:

Chalkboard Candle: These cute Chalkboard Candles come gift boxed with a chalk pack.

Coffee Beans Candles: These candles come in different colors, patterns, and sizes.

Coral Candle: This Coral Candle range comes in Jasmine, Lavender and Lemongrass.

Cowboy Boot Candle:

DoubleWick Candles: These elegant candles contain two wicks and feature a range of beautifully colored embedded wax decoration. It measures 30cm high, 7cm wide and is only 1cm thick.

Flower and Fruits candles:

Fresh-Baked Cookies Candle Set:

Friedegg Candle: An interesting design by Jaehyung Hong.

Light Bulb Candle: A candle design that looks like the light bulb, made from Bee's Wax.

Lonny-Design's Candle: If you are among those who are ready for anything then this is something which is sure to impress you!

Notmy Candles: Interesting shaped candles comes from Russia.

Rocklite Candle: This unique one-of-a-kind hand crafted out of select rock and stone, can be used indoors or even outdoors using Citronella Oil.

Scented Candle: Who wouldn't want this one!

Sushi Candle Set: Each of this Sushi candle comes per-arranged in its own Japanese "take out" box.

Spye Design studio's Candle: This cool candle is 32 ounces Brazilian white beeswax with 3 cotton wicks, measures 7 inches width and 3.5 inches height and 3 inches in dimension.

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