Thursday, July 8, 2010

World's Largest Most Realistic Skateboard (13 pics)

World's Largest Skateborad Record Holder
Not many people take on the World's Largest Skateboard by them self, you usually see at least 5 or 10 people (like in the picture) riding this monster. This is because it takes a lot of weight to control it and make it turn; otherwise the board will choose the path.  But on a sunny day out at Woodward, Joe Ciaglia, the owner of this beauty, decided to ride the Worlds Largest Skateboard all by himself. Joe picked the biggest hill and bombed it! Joe should get the bail of the year for his amazing leap off the board just in time to not be launched off a 15 foot BMX jump and just far enough to not get completely ran over by the board. See more images after the jump.

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