Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mexican Beauty Jimena Navarrete Became Miss Universe 2010 (21 pics)

Mexican Beauty Jimena Navarrete Became Miss Universe 2010
The 22-year-old Mexican Beauty Jimena Navarrete became Miss Universe 2010. The competition was held in Las Vegas and became a 59-m.

In this case the title of "Miss photogenic" got tailandke Fontip Vacharatrakul - special commendation was awarded her colorful costume. But the most intelligent among the beautiful, "Miss Congeniality", is recognized Australian Dzhesinta Campbell. She became the second vice-miss. Third Vice-Miss was ... no Russian citizen, but the Ukrainian Anna Poslavskuyu.

As previously reported, a spokeswoman for Russia Irina Antonenko, which had no doubt of victory, did not pass even in the top 10. Contestants traditionally held three rounds finals competition - catwalk in bathing suits, and then in evening dress, and at the end of beauty should answer the questions the jury.

Until now, at this look, the right to hold which belong to the American billionaire Donald Trump, all solved appearance. Recall, winner gets a crown of beauty queen, placed bonuses, and signed a contract for one year with the organizers of the competition. In terms of the contract incentives and prizes, as well as commitments to participate in charity and promotional campaigns. Also, one of the indispensable conditions of the contract - no spouse.(source:)

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