Friday, September 17, 2010

Luke - The Wild Buffalo Whisperer (5 pics)

The Wild Buffalo Whisperer: Luke Michaelides — killer beasts he considers his BEST FRIENDS.
Feared by locals and known as the Black Death, the animals are believed to kill more than 200 people every year.

But animal whisperer Luke Michaelides, 13, plays with, washes and even KISSES mother Hop-a-long and her offspring Skip-a-long, who inhabit his family's farmland in Limpopo, South Africa.

Luke, who is writing a book about his relationship with the buffalo, says he has built his "friendship" a slow process of trust and communication.

He said: "If they wanted to, Hop and Skip could rip me apart, but I don't think they will do it because I trust them.

"I really started to get close to them at the turn of the year.

"Hop-a-long came to us in 2008 with a broken leg she had sustained after an accident with a male buffalo.

"Then eleven months later Skip-a-long was born.

"They looked so lonely in the camp all by themselves so I decided to go and keep them company."

Growing up to six feet high and 11 feet long, wild African buffaloes can weigh an astonishing 3,000lbs — meaning Luke is dwarfed by his unusual four-legged friends.(source:)

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