Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Siamese Twins Separated Successfully (13 pics)

The Siamese Twins Separated Successfully -
Seven years ago, Macy and Mackenzie Harrison born Siamese twins, fused pelvis. They had shared the third leg and the inside. They also have another sister who was born normal. In September 2003, the twins successfully separated, and now they are living an active life, go to the gym, horseback riding, etc. Let's look at their journey to normalcy. Let's see...

Harrison Twins. (Garrison Darla)

September 10, 2003 Macy McKenzie and went to Los Angeles Children's Hospital for an operation 24 hours when she was 9 months. Bob Riha (Jr / CHLA) 

The surgeons had to separate the girls related livers and both legs amputated. They also had rebuild ponds girls. Bob Riha (Jr / CHLA) 

The sisters were very keen and active during the recovery period. This photo was taken just five days after the operation. 

The twins trying to recognize each others.

The father of twins, Jeff Harrison said that McKenzie has recovered six weeks after the operation. Gold Macy took another month to recover. (Garrison Darla) 

Mackenzie Macy just received prostheses, and physical therapists to learn their walk.(ABSC)

Their mother, Darla was very grateful to the doctors at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. 

All three have learned to ride. (Garrison Darla) 

In most binoculars, the Harrisons have three son - 18-year-old from Tyler, 14, and Matt 13, Luke. (Garrison Darla) 

Their mother said the girls are very independent. They have their own horses ...

The girls are now educated and are in second grade. Their favorite subject physical education and design. (Garrison Darla)

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