Saturday, January 22, 2011

Edible Knit Night Cupcakes (10 pics)

Edible Knit Night Cupcakes -
Just the other day, we admired the original furniture – colorful “noodles” from which you can link and stove, and chair, and rug for children’s games, and everything that you want, but the hands will master. Today we again knitting. But this time, edible.

I am sure that even inveterate sweet tooth never tried to drink tea with, say, the sleeve of the sweater, or a piece of nedovyazannogo scarf … Although in order to enjoy this delicacy prodigies do not necessarily transform a mole. Suffice it to know how to cook well, or have a certain amount of money to buy a pair of famous Knit Night Cupcakes, made no less famous Martha Stewart.

Knit Night Cupcakes comes from Lauren Ulm’s which featured an article on knitting with marzipan and aptly it got a heavy response. Mini sweeter, scarf and yarn balls were made from marzipan and used to decorate the cupcakes. Its really impressive edible craftsmanship and here are the photo tutorials.

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