Monday, March 14, 2011

Carmen Electra Super Flexible Yoga Class at Poolside in LA (15 pics)

Carmen Electra's Super Flexible Yoga Class at Poolside in LA
I don’t know where in the world Carmen Electra is….You know since her career died and she pretty much disappeared. I’m witty like that, you know almost comedic genius except for the whole 'it’s not funny' part…at least not funny according to her ex husband and my twitter best friend Dave Navarro who told me I was an idiot when I wrote that…which would have hurt my feelings if I had feelings.. That said, here are some pictures of Carmen Electra, clearly still alive, dressed for St Patrick’s day, stretching in all kinds of good ways next to the pool, even if she’s wearing too much clothes…it’s good enough for me coz I’m the kind of guy who likes watching local yoga troops in action…if you know what I mean...Well enjoy Carmen Electra's Yoga Pictures after the break.

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