Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Largest Bugs of the World (16 pics)

Some of the Worlds Biggest Bugs - These are some of the largest insects in the world. Some of them are actually huge. I hope that they are all harmless because some of them look like that could do some serious damage if the decided to attack.
1 — Titan Beetle: French Guiana and Brazil.

2 — Giant Long-Legged Katydids: Malaysia.

 3 — Goliath Beetle: Ghana, Ivory Coast / Equatorial Africa, Central and East.

4 — Elephant Beetles: Mexico through Venezuela.

5 — Giant Burrowing Cockroach: Australia.

6 — Giant Camel Spiders: The deserts of the Middle East.

7 — Giant Walking Stick: Worldwide.

8 — Giant Weta: New Zealand.

9 — Giant Isopod: The Gulf Of Mexico.

10 — Atlas Moth: Southeast Asia.

 11 — Tarantula Hawk: Found Throughout The World.

12 — Giant Water Bug: Worldwide.

13 — Queen Alexandra's Birdwing: Papua New Guinea.

14 — Chinese Mantis: Worldwide.

15 — Japanese Giant Hornet: Japan.

16 — Goliath Birdeater: Rainforests in South America.

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