Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World’s Lowest Vehicle Flatmobile (21 pics)

World’s Lowest Vehicle Flatmobile Unveiled -
Here's the Flatmobile at just 48cm (19in) high, it is set to claim the record for the world's lowest vehicle. The car is modelled on the Caped Crusader's favourite runaround and is complete with missile tips next to the numberplate and bullet-shaped rear-view mirror. It can even do 100mph (160 km/h) when the jet engine is used.

Motoring enthusiast Perry Watkins created the Flatmobile using the bodies of two Hillman Imps and a homemade jet engine. Helpful members of a Yahoo! group showed the 46-year-old how to put together the jet. Mr Watkins, who has applied for verification from Guinness World Records, was spurred into action after having his title for the world's lowest vehicle snatched away by Andy Saunders in 2006. Mr Saunders had flattened a Fiat to 56cm and called it Flat Out.

'It handles fine but it's only got a six-inch steering wheel so it's a bit stiff,' said Mr Watkins, of Wingrave, Buckinghamshire. 'You've got to be wary of speed bumps. Other drivers look at you instead of the road.' He claims his vehicle does not break any road traffic regulations, although the low level of its headlights is unlikely to meet night-driving requirements. The Flatmobile is not the first of Mr Watkins's wacky creations.

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