Friday, November 11, 2011

Creative Three Wheeled Campagna V13R (16 pics)

Creative Three Wheeled Campagna V13R -
Here and there Campagna V13R. It's half Harley, half Hot Rod. Do not ask me why, but somehow, just as Detroit was the mecca of American cars, Montreal has become something of the epicenter of the tricycles. It also makes the Bombardier Can-Am Spyder, and the Campagna for 15 years built the T-Rex. 5 years ago under the name of the team to develop an Cirbin three-wheeled roadster called the V13R. Cirbin eventually bought the Campagna, and today they are building two models.

V13R looks more like a roadster, which is passed to the pawnshop and the rear wheel got a sense of the chopper. For the rest cockpit twin V-twin engine Harley-Davidson 1250 cc capacity, capacity of 125 liters. with. and a torque of 115 Nm. Since it involves a 5-speed sequential manual transmission. The unit operates the rear wheel. In the box there is a reverse gear, but have to get used to it, because it should include, when the car is rolling. Remember that most bikes there is no reverse gear, so Campagnia went to the creative.

Curb weight reaches 524 pounds. For comparison, it is 68 pounds heavier than Morgan, so even with the benefit of Canadian desyatisilnym tricycle requires an extra second to reach the mark at 100 km / h - 5.6 sec. versus 4.5 seconds, but the maximum rate of Campagna (196 km / h) travels around Morgan.

Thus, for whom Campagna V13R? Well, the first 65 units sold to date, will be delivered to the Arab prince. Others will go to Japan, but most will remain in North America. We heard about a veteran who lost a leg while serving overseas and now can not ride his chopper. He was delighted to have finally found something on which he can continue to skate with his buddies-bikers. Of course, your reason to find a compromise between a car and a motorcycle will be less radical, but if the "Harley" for you - it's too much, it can become a valid V13R iron horse with a light attached to his carriage.

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