Monday, September 19, 2011

Amazing & Unusual Monuments of the World (23 pics)

Traveling to other cities and countries, do not miss the amazing designs of the local architecture and sculpture. Among the many traditional and historical monuments are found very original statue, the creation of which the sculptors and artists do not limit themselves to any formality and standards. Monuments, jokes, statues, protests and daring design experiments decorate streets, parks and squares of cities in the world.

Features of Gravity for the Elephant, Paris, France -
At a distance of 18 000 km from the earth could an elephant balancing on its own trunk. Such a statement in the form of sculpture was made by Daniel firman.

A giant Crane, Winterthur, Switzerland -
The sculpture, located in the Technopark Winterthur, hangs in the air. In this constantly flowing tap water

Bureaucratic Themis, Denmark -
Sculpture by Danish artist Jens Galshiota a plump figure of the goddess of justice, symbolizing the rich industrial world, which sits on the back of a thin, emaciated Africans.

Monument to Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia -
This monument raised in honor of the first head of the district, "Port Phillip" and the governor of the settlement "Victoria". Why Trobe standing on his head for sure no one knows.

The giant spider, Bilbao, Spain -
This sculpture is installed at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Wedding Rings, Vancouver, Canada -

Lovers skeletons, Nong Kai, Thailand -

Crocodile eats capitalist, New York, USA -

Harassment, Tokyo, Japan -

Head-to-Nail, Goslar, Germany -

Finger Pointing, Paris, France -

Monument Workaholic, Los Angeles, USA -

A Device for the Eradication of Evil, Calgary, Canada -
The author - an American artist and sculptor Dennis Oppenheim.

A man on a bicycle, Chile -

Through the Wall. Montmartre, Paris -
The sculpture is dedicated to the well-known Parisian writer - Aimee Marcel, who lived not far from this place until his death in 1967.

Monument to the Witch, Harz, Germany -
Philosophical sculpture of perfidy of women.

Monument Supporters, Toronto, Canada -

Monument clothespins, Philadelphia, USA -

Red Light Wood, London, England -
Monument by the French sculptor Pierre Vivani in 1999. The original tree height of 8 meters consists of 75 traffic lights..

Piss - Brickyard Gergeti", Prague, Czech Republic -
Author David Black. The bronze figure is not just pour water, and the output streams of different texts, including at the request of the audience. Orders are sent to a certain number via SMS.

"The people themselves forever", Prague, Czech Republic -
Statue of a huge golden masturbators planned to install on the roof of the National Theatre. However, the project controversial Czech sculptor David Black has not been realized.

The Figure with Skull, Prague, Czech Republic -
It created a sculptor Jaroslav Rona in 1996. The main idea of ??this piece of bronze - Memento Mori.

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