Friday, November 4, 2011

The Narrowest River Side House in Japan (14 pics)

The Narrowest River Side House in Japan -
Architect Kota Mizuishi created this very narrow triangular house in Horinouchi Japan. The residents of this small dwelling called ‘River Side House’ are a husband and wife and a little girl. Although it was a novel site of a limited area of 561 square feet (52.15 square meters), since a river was faced through a bank and a promenade, architecture firm Mizuishi Architects Atelier wished to build various relations with the river. The house is valued at around $200k.

The 312 square foot (29.07 square meters) building is formed at an acute angle, part on a triangle plan derived from the site. Furthermore, maximum volume was given to the home with the design of a hip roof of three planes. Although the ground level was a private space incorporating the bedroom and bathroom, a curtain is used for dividing the door and the stairs and a separate curtain to cover the storage.

The second level is divided into small areas by structural narrow walls, being connected with one by the ridgeline of a roof. So there are different open feelings, with each space having a relationship to the river.

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